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Old Preach from Save our State starts phone rally!

Thank you Don!

Congressmen requesting Presidential Pardon for Border Patrol Agents

The middle of clip has a segment on Agent Ramos and Compean.

Sarah Carter Radio interview


Familys feared retribution from Jurez gangs: Drug smuggler Aldrete Davila grew up with and remained friends with Wilcox Border Partol agent Rene Sanchez. Agent Sanchez personally initiated investigation and plans to split lawsuit money 5 Million dollars with drug smuggler? Davila had a long history of smuggling and was known to carry a gun because his drug loads were worth millions on the street. We suspect the Border Patrol agent Sanchez who is friendly with a known drug smuggler must also be a scout and bag man.

By Sara A. Carter, Staff Writer Department of Homeland Security officials told congressional leaders last month that two Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug smuggler admitted to supervisors that they were "out to shoot Mexicans" the day of the shooting, but have yet to provide proof the agents made such statements. Read More

We must keep up the pressure!

This web site get's up to a million hits a day and is arguably the most read news source in existance. Thank you Joe Farah for helping us!

"We ask that a full investigation of this case be ordered immediately," they went on to say in the letter sent to the White House yesterday. "We are confident that during such an investigation you will find that these Border Patrol agents were acting within the scope of their duty and were unjustly prosecuted. Also, we ask that you use your power of presidential pardon, as granted by the United States Constitution in Article II, Section 2, to pardon these two Border Patrol agents. We understand these requests usually are for those that have already completed their sentences; however, we feel in this case it would be a miscarriage of justice to send these two Border Patrol agents to prison for protecting our nation's borders from an illegal drug smuggler."Read More

Feds say Border Patrol agents
were 'out to s…

Rene Sanchez BP and Drug Cartel Scout?

Rene Sanchez Wilcox AZ Border Patrol double agent ?
In the same Homeland Security memo, Christopher Sanchez outlines how the investigation into Ramos and Compean was initiated. On March 10, 2005, Christopher Sanchez received a telephone call from Border Patrol agent Rene Sanchez of Wilcox, Ariz., who told the agent about Aldrete-Davila's encounter with Ramos and Compean. According to the document, Rene Sanchez stated "that Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila's mother, Marcadia Aldrete-Davila, contacted Rene Sanchez's mother-in-law, Gregoria Toquinto, and advised her about the BP agents shooting Aldrete-Davila. Toquinto told her son-in-law, Rene Sanchez, of the incident, and he spoke to Osbaldo via a telephone ca.READ MORE
A federal investigation is underway, we're told, on Agent Rene Sanchez, . Or not underway, to keep the heat off and make the sentence stick? How ever Sanchez is on administrative leave, they took his gun and badge away, we do know that. Update: He's bac…


Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) believes the punishment does not fit the crime. In a press release issued by his office, the Congressman said, "This is not the message that our legal system should be giving to the drug cartels that are smuggling drugs, people and terrorists across our borders." Tancredo, along with Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC), plan to send a letter to President Bush requesting a full investigation into the case and urging the President to grant pardons for the Border Patrol agents.
12 Steps to a Federal PardonClick here

TIP: Include your plea on one sheet of legal pad paper, written in pencil, and address the envelope in pencil, it gives your letter a sense of urgency and in most cases the government official it is addressed to, will read it! The above address is I believe is his secretarys inbox. Here is the general address:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Download here

Over careful with his words.

U.S. Attorney Gives Feeble Excuses

Encountering problems with
video try here.



The Protesters

Campo CA, "Patroit Point"

Pictured above: Minuteman Robert Crooks lives 60 feet from the border fence worries about being kidnapped and murdered.

Minuteman Fred Puckett along with Johnny Petrello have started a campaign handing out SASE envelopes to border patrol in many sectors to raise money.

2Just wanted you to know..................Just wanted you to know..................
...........I'll be praying for all of you at 1:00pm... Ramona
Oct 19, 2006
10:27 am

This is an absolute miscarriage of justice. I plan to send $100 contributiion to the legal fund. This is absolutely abominable.... Bush and his cohorts are... nayr39
Oct 19, 2006
4:41 pm

Border Patrol agents working in this sector will read this sign and can call for more information. 519-203-8349

A letter from anonymous Border Patrol Agent

Trainees would often talk about the long work days they would put in with Ramos and Compean. Trainees would talk about sitting in a drainage ditch or a cotton field, in the rain, for hours, waiting for illegal aliens or narcotic smugglers to penetrate our borders. Trainees would talk about the respect they had for these Agents in the professionalism, knowledge, and experience both Ramos and Compean had for the job. I have also seen first hand the compassion both with Ramos and Compean. I have seen both agents offer their lunches to illegal aliens who were apprehended out in the desert and were hungry. Read more

Urgent: This Thursday Agent Ramos will be sentenced to ten years hard time if nothing is done on his behalf.

Thursday October 19th 2006: The DA is pushing for immediate incarcaration of a great Border Patrol agent, (Nacho) Ignacio Ramos, when the normal procedure is to give a person 6 months to get his life orderd. We believe the DA does not want Border Patrol Agent Ramos to testify before the Congerssional hearings next month. He's facing a mandatory 10 years for wounding a life long drug smuggler, in a failed attempt to smuggle over 700 pounds of drugs in to our country. Please help, the family is so cash strapped right now they're selling the house and can't afford a trip to the hearings. Please donate so the family members can testify before Congress about the monumental injustice perpetrated on a good man. You can help by email blasting this to your entire email list also, and 100% of your donation will be used to help Nacho and his family. (READ MORE)

Lou Dobbs in astonishment!

Debra Kanof is pushing immediate incarcaration!


Reporter Sara Carter Broke this Story


Border Patrol Union leader, Judges, Congressman, and Senators speak out!

H.Res. 1030 was introduced on 9/21/2006.
The Resolution calls for support for the Border Patrol and its agents.

WND Report

2 Border Patrol agents
face 20 years in prison
Officers prosecuted – wounded drug trafficker
given full immunity in exchange for testimony
Posted: August 7, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2006 When Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos pulled the trigger last February, all he knew was that his partner was lying on the ground behind him – bloodied from a struggle with a fleeing suspect – shots had been fired and now, it appeared, the drug smuggler he was pursuing had turned toward him with what looked to be a gun in his hand. (Read More)

The KFI John & Ken radio show in LA with Nacho

The OUTRAGE in the room was palpable!

Standing: Joe Loya, father in law to Border Patrol agent "Nacho" Ramos

Border Patrol Agent (Nacho) Ramos and Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist

Friends call Agent Ramos "Nacho" Nacho was up for Border Patrol Agent of the year! He has over 100 busts for drug smuggling. Then this more...

"We the People" now includes foreingers and drug smugglers

Warning to Americans with heart trouble, take your blood pressure medication before reading this download.
Debera Kanof and U.S. Atorney Johhny Suttonand the DOJ gave him immunity against prosecution to testify against our protectors . Update: Aldrete Davila's has also subsequently been re-arrested smuggling over 1000 pounds of dope. Please note how the DA gives "credibility" to the DRUG SMUGGLER at the end of his statement and assigns a foreign national drug smuggler CONTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. And the Judge Agreed! "We the people" now includes foreign born drug smugglers? DOWNLOAD HERE

This is what Border Patrol deal with every day.

Fabens Texas Border Problem and OUTRAGE!

The Texas Minutemen made friends with the local farmers in Nacho's sector and became extra eyes and ears for Border Patrol reporting many illegal aliens who were destroying famers crops and threatening their lives. Every morning we heard the drug runners on the radios 1 and 1/2 hours before sunrise. Across the levy recently a mass murderer of 300 women was caught. And then there is the Jurez Cartel. AND THEY ARE PUTTING AWAY NACHO FOR PROTECTING AMERICAN LIVES FROM THESE MONSTERS!!!

Back story on the systemic corruption in El Paso law enforcement.

The conventional wisdom is that it's the Mexican officials who are corrupt. But some officials believe the culture of drugs and pay-offs has thoroughly permeated both sides of the international border. Read more
National Public Radio Shows Part I: Blood ties and drug money, Sept. 12, 2002.

Part II: Prestige payoffs for agents, Sept. 13, 2002.