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Border agent Nacho Ramos shares his story on July 4th

San Diego- Old Glory waving in the wind at Camp Vigilance was the backdrop for Ignacio “Nacho” Ramos Jr.’s first interview since his sentence was commuted by former President Bush.“It’s a great feeling despite everything that has happened,” Romos said. “I still love my country and everything it represents.”The July 4th celebration in Boulevard, CA 60 miles east of San Diego, certainly gave the Ramos family a heroes welcome. And like any true patriot, Ramos posed for pictures shook a lot of hands and hugged his admirers.“This support has taken me by surprise. My wife tried to explain what it was like to be out there with the well wishers, but until today I didn’t really know.”This real-world drama began in 2005 where the two border patrol agents Romos and Jose Compean were serving the nation in the southern war-zone border. Each year approximately 70-80 percent of the illicit drugs enter the U.S. through the dangerous southern border which has seen violence accelerate over the past few…