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Glimers Homecoming Heros Welcome


WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Drug smugglers using official Texas vehicles
Despite prosecution by Sutton, fake state trucks still being found

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Bush won't get involved in Ramos, Compean review
Congressman says former agents treated worse than terrorists

WorldNetDaily Executive

Lawmaker: Terrorists treated better than Ramos, Compean
Congressman calls on Bush administration for investigation into reported harsh conditions

Jailed border agents backed By Sara A. Carter
October 16, 2007 A group of congressmen is demanding an investigation into the treatment of two former Border Patrol agents in prison for shooting an admitted drug dealer near the Mexican border, saying the conditions are far worse than those of suspected terrorists being held at the U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, …

We urgently call on all patriots to attend this border watch.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9/30/2007Contacts: Joe Loya (915) 779-8666,, TXMMPresident S. McGauley (940) 577-0882,, txminutemen@earthlink.netTxMM and Joe Loya announce Operation FREE RAMOS border watchTexas Minuteman Shannon McGauley and Joe Loya announce the April 2008 FREE RAMOS border watch to cover El Paso through Sierra Blanca and other nearby locations.
Operation Free Ramos will provide extra eyes and ears for the overloaded border patrol and serves as a reminder of the extreme lack of justice that Ramos and other border agents get in our pro open-border courts.
Today all border agents are at extreme risk due to the Bush administration thinning the border patrol and delaying the border fence as much as they can. This is the planned and intentional failure of U.S. government to secure our borders.
Joe Loya is the father-in-law of Agent Ramos and is using up his own retirement to tr…