We urgently call on all patriots to attend this border watch.

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Contacts: Joe Loya (915) 779-8666, www.AgentRamos.com, AgentRamos@gmail.com

TXMM President S. McGauley (940) 577-0882, www.TXMinuteman.org, txminutemen@earthlink.net

TxMM and Joe Loya announce Operation FREE RAMOS border watch

Texas Minuteman Shannon McGauley and Joe Loya announce the April 2008 FREE RAMOS border watch to cover El Paso through Sierra Blanca and other nearby locations.

Operation Free Ramos will provide extra eyes and ears for the overloaded border patrol and serves as a reminder of the extreme lack of justice that Ramos and other border agents get in our pro open-border courts.

Today all border agents are at extreme risk due to the Bush administration thinning the border patrol and delaying the border fence as much as they can. This is the planned and intentional failure of U.S. government to secure our borders.

Joe Loya is the father-in-law of Agent Ramos and is using up his own retirement to try to get true justice for his daughter Monica’s husband Ramos, who has never had a blemish on his record. Joe will be on the border to provide all with Ramos prison updates and information on reversing the sentence of Ramos.

The intent of Operation Free Ramos is to both help the border agents and to remind all citizens to phone, email, and fax every elected official in the government and demand that Ramos go free and the court decision be overthrown.

Ramos needs your help. Go to the website www.TXMinuteman.org for contact, SOP, and volunteer form.


Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Loya and family, the past two months of public prayer and protest for Nacho, Jose, and Gilmer HAVE been difficult for my Brazilan friend and me. But during that time perhaps close to 100 people have been INFORMED of the REAL truth through these protests. In just ONE hour on ONE day last August, there were OVER 20 (to be exact, 26) FAVORABLE responses! MOST of these fellow Americans and fellow world citizens who asked us about you had NO idea that things were SO bad for Nacho, Jose, Gilmer, and you their families and friends, and reacted with SHOCKED indignation over these injustices and DEEP compassion for you all. As we gave out our hand-made pocket-sized info cards on these cases, we pleaded with EVERY one of them to PLEASE give you a SUPPORTIVE phone call or e-mail. We sure HOPE and PRAY that they DID! And my friend and I are going to KEEP UP our public witness to these great and good men until they are FREED from UNJUST captivity ONCE and for ALL!
Anonymous said…
Ramos, Compean, Hernandez, Corbett, and the still-unidentified August 8, 2007 El Paso Texas BP Agent are GOOD men and are NOT to BLAME for WHAT happened while DOING their jobs! At least they are STILL ALIVE! Even though the FIRST three ARE in PRISON, thank GOD they are STILL HERE among us! LOVE you great and good men, and may God FREE you SOON so you can GO HOME and BE with your FAMILIES and FRIENDS and the REST of us!
Anonymous said…
Nacho, Jose, and Gilmer...please give these fine men my deepest sympathy and dearest regards...their sacrifice and patriotism are beyond reproach! God bless them!

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