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Lynn Woolley -- Human Events
Face to Face with illegal immigration_______________________________________________

Cybercast News Service
Jailed ex-border agents' wives recount hardships

Nachos family and friends "Hold Their Feet to The Fire"!


Representatives for Ignacio Ramos to be at Tancredo cook-out
American Patrol has learned that Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos will be represented at the May 4 Tancredo Cook Out at Glenn Spencer's ranch in Arizona. According to sources, family members and associates will join Tom Tancredo at the Arizona event. Reservations can be made by calling (520) 803-7704. Look for online sign-up form later.


Border agents reject leaders
Ramos-Compean, 'amnesty' cited in unanimous no-confidence vote

Agent Exclusives

To better understand how rotten and corrupt U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton is, you have to take the time to read these stories which are thoroughly researched and based on facts: Read Devy Kid

Feds attempted arrest tied to Ramos-Compean case
Targeted drug smuggler involved in controversial 2nd incident

Government denies false statements are 'lies'
But representatives reject explanation of Ramos-Compean case claim

Gilmer Hernandez gets light sentence!

Gilmer Hernandez Sentenced to 12 Months Plus One Day
Del Rio Live!, TX
Former Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez was sentenced to 12 months plus one day by Federal Judge Robert T Dawson. ...
Deputy Who Shot Immigrant Goes to PrisonWOAI
Judge Sentences Hill Country
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Blog masters Note: Johnny Sutton was present at sentencing and was pushing for up to 15 years, he was denied his request. He will also be passed up for Alberto Gonzales's job when he gets the axe.

Donation Alert!

Please be aware that donations to this flyer do not go to the families of agents Ramos and Compean.


Please do not donate money to (Friends of the Border Patrol) on behalf of Agent Ramos.

El Paso Times

Jailed former agents closer to hearing

Dems OK hearing on border agents
Congress probing possible influence by Mexico on Ramos-Compean case

Breaking News


Another Johnny Sutton victim.

EXCLUSIVE:Convicted Rocksprings Sheriff Deputy Gilmer Hernandez speaks from behind bars. Read full story

Southwest Texas Live

Sheriff says his deputy victimized by Sutton
Monday, March 19th, 2007 Gilmer will be sentenced


Key evidence ignored in border agents' case
Hired by Ramos, detective says
he tracked suspect through vehicle


Corsi to co-host Liddy show on border agents
Talk to be on prosecution of officers who shot at fleeing drug smuggler

Sheriff sees pattern in border agents' cases
'Treatment of Ramos, Compean followed outline of 2001 Sipe case'