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The World is Watching and Waiting

This is a slow months worth of views on this blog.


Due to Nacho's upcoming re sentencing it is best that all mail be directed to our PO Box address above as he will not receive mail again until after re sentencing which is still scheduled for November 13th. Thanks!!

Thanks to Bonnie From Florida!

The next person who subscribes to the $20.00 a month donation will get a Border Patrol Field Mirror and a lanyard with the BP logo on it.

UPDATE. Bonnie in Florida won the gifts and the hearts of the Ramos and Loya Family.

Dear Bonnie, The Ramos family, Ignacio, Monica, little Jacob, Ryan and Aaron want you to know how much we appreciate you coming on board to help fight this travesty. What you heard on the radio Saturday was the truth and nothing but the truth. This was a case of aggravated perjury by not only the witnesses who testified under immunity from prosecution but also under the threat of indictment by the prosecutors. The prosecutors also committed perjury but the real killer was when the government admitted at our Appeal in New Orleans that the illegal alien and admitted drug smuggler had also told some lies as a key witness for the government at the trial. This is the worse miscarriage of jusctice that I have ever seen. God bless you and your loved ones. Joe A…

100% of the proceeds to help the Ramos family!

Documented America film team points out how Illegal Immigration affects individuals (hopefully in time for the voting polls!) and to help Monica Ramos and family in preparation for up coming holidays. We have decided that we will gladly extend our original offer that was to contribute 100% of the proceeds for orders of Documented America The i Word recieved by Oct 27 2009. This offer is to All Groups supporting this cause with the hope and understanding that they link there web site to www.documentedamerica.comPlease pass on to as many groups as you wish. Thanks Again for all your support!

CJ Raef


SDMinutemen (2 months ago) This will cost the Globalists more than they can afford to pay!
Americans are getting angry, getting active, and we WILL take our country back from the dictators and elitists. Ramos and Compean will forever be heros to America!

SDMM has dedicated our newly reinstated adopted highway on I-5 near the San Clemente Border Patrol Station to Agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean!

October 4th 2008 - Phoenix Arizona

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ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! Just a little note to let everyone know that as of now Nacho Ramos will be re sentenced on November 13th @ 9:00 am in El Paso. If anything should change I will send out another email. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!! - Monica Ramos