October 4th 2008 - Phoenix Arizona

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ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! Just a little note to let everyone know that as of now Nacho Ramos will be re sentenced on November 13th @ 9:00 am in El Paso. If anything should change I will send out another email. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!! - Monica Ramos


Anonymous said…
Hello again, Monica, it was SO nice to meet you and your family--especially that FUN father of yours and your ADORABLE sons--for the FIRST time at the rally! And ONE way or another, your fine husband and his good friend WILL be FREED, the GOOD Lord will see to that!
Anonymous said…
We will be praying! And we will never forget what was done to these men!

Wes and Linda Gray
Anonymous said…
We are still all praying for you Nacho in Alabama! Hoping for the best on Nov 13!
Kendra (Krista's sister and Adeliz's aunt :=)

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