SDMinutemen (2 months ago)
This will cost the Globalists more than they can afford to pay!
Americans are getting angry, getting active, and we WILL take our country back from the dictators and elitists. Ramos and Compean will forever be heros to America!

SDMM has dedicated our newly reinstated adopted highway on I-5 near the San Clemente Border Patrol Station to Agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean!


Anonymous said…
As US Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) put it simply yet SO eloquently, Ramos and Compean are PERSECUTED patriots! Meaning that Ramos and Compean are REAL ALL-American heroes!
Anonymous said…
just woke up and got the email from numbers usa that ramos and compean will be freed. i found the song and played it. now im writing to ask your help. the house that the ramos and compean family were living in was vandalized,the dogs beaten,furniture destroyed.The natural gas was also left on,the purpose of that seems clear enough. i have already sent a donation via paypal on this site. if you can please help these families

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