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6 Year old Jacob donates a buck! :)

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Sheriff Joe Comments on Agent Ramos


Quick Throttle Magazine hopes you will come out and support this important event:On October 4th, 2008 RAIA Southwest will be sponsoring a benefit rally for wrongfully imprisoned border patrol agents Ramos and Compean.
In 2005, during a failed drug smuggling attempt these men were involved in a shooting resulting in the wounding of an admitted drug runner from Mexico. For doing their jobs, defending our border, and capturing a van loaded with over 700 pounds of marijuana, these agents were sent to federal prison for 11 and 12 years.
Join us in assisting their families.
Registration for the run is from 7 to 10am at Tosos Sports Bar & Grill, 2401 W. Union Hills Drive. Admission is free, but we are asking for donations to help the Ramos and Compean families. There will be breakfast provided at no charge.
The run will leave promptly at 10am. We will ride to the state capitol at 17th Ave and Jefferson for surprise guest speakers. Once the speakers have finished there will be a road march of…


The families of the imprisoned Border Patrol agents are in dire need of financial support. They have lost homes, incurred large medical bills due to lack of insurance, cashed out retirement accounts, and the children of the agents have endured taunting by unsympathetic neighbors, among other things. The legal fees alone are in the multiple thousands of dollars! By purchasing these bracelets, you are supporting the families of the agents and are also able to wear a fabulous conversation starter to get the word out to release these men and reunite these families! The bracelets are "border patrol" green in color with white lettering that reads "FREE RAMOS AND COMPEAN". Donations will be collected and after costs (about a dollar per bracelet if mailed) the proceeds will be split between the families. For a minimum donation of $5 (five) anyone can be the proud owner of one of these silicon rubber bracelets. Buy one, buy a dozen. They make great gifts! Please make che…

Read Agent Ramos Interview by Glen


Push to free border agents is renewed

Joe Loya, father-in-law of former Border Patrol agent Ignacio Ramos, slipped into the shade outside the El Paso federal courthouse last week, lamenting the absence of a Lou Dobbs producer while a volunteer “Minuteman” from California captured Loya on a digital recorder for a Web site. Read more...