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Another Johnny Sutton victim.

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Rocksprings Sheriff Deputy Gilmer Hernandez speaks from behind bars. Read full story

Southwest Texas Live

Sheriff says his deputy victimized by Sutton
Monday, March 19th, 2007 Gilmer will be sentenced


Key evidence ignored in border agents' case

Hired by Ramos, detective says
he tracked suspect through vehicle


Corsi to co-host Liddy show on border agents

Talk to be on prosecution of officers who shot at fleeing drug smuggler

Sheriff sees pattern in border agents' cases
'Treatment of Ramos, Compean followed outline of 2001 Sipe case'


Anonymous said…
Dear Fellow Americans,

Look at the big picture. The Compean, Ramos & Sutton rulings are tragedies caused by our government acting upon alterier motives. Please see the video links.

Roy Beck – Shocking facts. “illegal immigration and the numbers”
Short video ---
If you're a little concerned after seeing this video??? It gets a lot worse.
You should keep on reading and viewing more videos.
And, if I'm right? LADY LIBERTY IS DYING!!!!!!!! & AMERICA, as we know it, could be lost forever!!!!!!
But we still have a chance to do something about it.

FULL VIDEO - Roy Beck, Illegal Immigration and the Numbers Pure & Simple Part 1
Link ---
FULL VIDEO - Roy Beck, Illegal Immigration and the Numbers Pure & Simple Part 2
Link ---

CNN is reporting on it very well. Tell your friends!!!!!.
CNN Reports on Anchor Babies
There is much more important info to be viewed.

Cost of Illegal Immigration / CNN
12 Billion ANNUALLY to educate children of illegal’s
17 Billion ANNUALLY to educate Anchor Babies (children of illegals)
1 Billion ANNUALLY to help hospitals (not enough – which is why 85 hospitals have closed in California in the past few years)
Only 3 employers fined for hiring illegal immigrants in 2004. Down from 417 in 1999. (who thinks our government cares?)
Federal Bureau of Prisons says 30% of all inmates are NOT citizens (mostly Mexican illegals).
….. Costing $63.37per prisoner per day
…..… COSTING 3.3 Million Daily. That’s $99,000,000.00 PER MONTH.
video ---

This lady puts fear into my veins. If what she says is even ½ true? We have much to worry about BECAUSE – OUR GOVERNMENT hasn’t acted swiftly and that’s just plain wrong. Dr. Madeleine Cosman, PH.D., ESQ Illegal Immigration is shutting down hospitals & endangering our health care system.
Video ---
AND More proof from Madeleine Cosman

Large companies & their paid off elected officials want cheap labor for greedy reasons.
Lower & Middle income “Americans” are being screwed.
By allowing illegal aliens it keeps wages down for Middle to Low income.
The rich get richer. The Poor get poorer.

And until we start kicking their butts by voting in two ways.
- Voting more often.
- Voting against proponents of illegal immigration
We will suffer.
Our future generations will suffer.
And, Liberty is at stake.

God Bless America.

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