Lynn Woolley -- Human Events
Face to Face with illegal immigration

Cybercast News Service
Jailed ex-border agents' wives recount hardships

Nachos family and friends "Hold Their Feet to The Fire"!


Representatives for Ignacio Ramos to be at Tancredo cook-out
American Patrol has learned that Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos will be represented at the May 4 Tancredo Cook Out at Glenn Spencer's ranch in Arizona. According to sources, family members and associates will join Tom Tancredo at the Arizona event. Reservations can be made by calling (520) 803-7704. Look for online sign-up form later.


Border agents reject leaders
Ramos-Compean, 'amnesty' cited in unanimous no-confidence vote

On Sunday, April 8, 2007, Campo Minuteman Britt Craig Kingfish, will fly to Columbia South Carolia where he will pick up a new truck. He will then attach a banner on one side that says "FREE RAMOS AND COMPEAN" and a banner on the other side that says "FREE GILMER HERNANDEZ" and drive back to California through Georgia, Florida, and the border states. He will stop in El Paso and see the Ramos Family. He would like to meet Minutemen and anti illegal immigration activists along the way. Any interested in meeting with Britt: 904-687-7867 Email:

Thank you to the Radio Show hosts in Washington D.C. doing their best to help Nacho. Especially Terry Anderson and John and Ken!
Arrest prompts Border Patrol case questions

Human Events

Open letter to President Bush

American Border Patrol

Agent Ramos needs mail

Drug suspect named in Ramos-Compean case

Ortiz-Hernandez accused of providing 'stash house' for shipments



North County Times -- Escondido, Calif.

Family of imprisoned agent speaks to Escondido church

How many were there?

Initially I saw just three, but it was that fast, because when I turned around to see what was happening, I barely had time to turn my head, so I wouldn't take the first punch square in the face. So I caught the first punch on the side of the head, and I barely had time enough time to cover up a little bit, before I took several punches to the head. And ultimately it was five of them that pretty much surrounded me. Read more

American Daily

Judicial Watch files suit to obtain Ramos-Compean docs

Cybercast News Service

Group files request for photos of jailed BP agent beating

I received a letter from Nacho yesterday
I told him about all the times we call Border Patrol and they do not respond. He said make a list of the incidents and make them public, so I'm working on that, but the guys in the field have a good rapport with a supervisor and have so far vetoed the request, maybe Nacho's advice will change their minds. I happen to think the Border Patrol that are working with us are actually working on us to find any infraction in to bring charges. Because there are so many moles in the Border Patrol the whole organization is at risk of becoming marginalized, Example: Nogalas AZ agent reported on light Border Patrol days the flow is heavy but on days when there are lots of agents on duty the traffic is light and this is a consistent occurrence. Also Nacho made it clear that I make public the new TV commercials being aired in MEXICO, looking to hire Border Patrol agents for America. The entire agency will be compromised
more so with a new wave of espionage by Mexican friendly Border Patrol agents! Nacho noted that Rene Sanchez was raised in Mexico, and Rene was also the BP agent who initiated the investigation on company time, and is still a good friend of drug smuggler Aldrete Davila. VIDEO

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