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Drug smugglers using official Texas vehicles
Despite prosecution by Sutton, fake state trucks still being found


WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Bush won't get involved in Ramos, Compean review
Congressman says former agents treated worse than terrorists


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Lawmaker: Terrorists treated better than Ramos, Compean
Congressman calls on Bush administration for investigation into reported harsh conditions


Jailed border agents backed

By Sara A. Carter
October 16, 2007

A group of congressmen is demanding an investigation into the treatment of two former Border Patrol agents in prison for shooting an admitted drug dealer near the Mexican border, saying the conditions are far worse than those of suspected terrorists being held at the U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Read more...


Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Loya and family, I used to give out HAND-made pocket-sized info cards on Ramos, Compean, and Hernandez, with their prison addresses, e-mail, and pertinent websites. However, a good Catholic dental nurse friend of mine (and a REAL American patriot!) offered to take one of my info cards to her workplace and make PROFESSIONAL-looking, PRINTED versions of them! Well, I gave her one of my old info cards, and NEXT day she returned with OVER 100 clean, neat-looking printed info cards which my Brazilian friend and I have been handing out at our protests EVER since! The cards are so NEAT and professional in appearance and MUCH EASIER to give out! Well, today, I just found ANOTHER issue worth making info cards for. I just came across a post on SOS (SaveOurState) concerning efforts to convene a second Congressional Hearing for Ramos and Compean. The REALLY good thing about THIS hearing is that US Attorney Johnny Sutton who CANNED these two fine men will be REQUIRED to APPEAR and TESTIFY on what REALLY happened in that courtroom! And if Sutton REFUSES or FAILS to appear, THIS time there WILL be CONSEQUENCES! I took down the phone numbers of the Capitol Switchboard and US California Congressman Bill Delahunt. Tomorrow after noon English Mass, I will give the info to my dental nurse friend, and it's MORE than likely she will give a hand with THIS much-needed project, too! Our fellow Americans and legal residents NEED this info so that they can CALL into Congress BIGTIME SUPPORT for Ramos and Compean! And these two GOOD men ARE worth our EVERY effort to FREE them! Just in case ANYONE needs the info to call in for Ramos and Compean NOW, here it is: Capitol Switchboard (toll-free): 866-340-9281; US California Congressman Bill Delahunt (in charge of arranging hearing): 202-225-3111 don't give up LOTS of us are FIGHTING for Ramos and Compean ALONG WITH you!
Anonymous said…
I am sorry, I made a mistake in the previous post. The number 202-225-3111, is the DIRECT phone number to the Capitol Switchboard, NOT the office number of US California Congressman Bill Delahunt. The correct office number for Congressman Delahunt is: 202-226-6434. In ANY case, we HAVE to START CALLING and KEEP IT UP for Ramos and Compean so that the Congressional Hearing may materialize!
Anonymous said…
Please inform Mr. Loya that I just e-mailed his fine son-in-law Nacho Ramos a letter and that earlier today, I e-mailed him the two files to making our two types of info cards so he can make his own. Blessings!

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