Urgent: This Thursday Agent Ramos will be sentenced to ten years hard time if nothing is done on his behalf.

Thursday October 19th 2006: The DA is pushing for immediate incarcaration of a great Border Patrol agent, (Nacho) Ignacio Ramos, when the normal procedure is to give a person 6 months to get his life orderd. We believe the DA does not want Border Patrol Agent Ramos to testify before the Congerssional hearings next month. He's facing a mandatory 10 years for wounding a life long drug smuggler, in a failed attempt to smuggle over 700 pounds of drugs in to our country. Please help, the family is so cash strapped right now they're selling the house and can't afford a trip to the hearings. Please donate so the family members can testify before Congress about the monumental injustice perpetrated on a good man. You can help by email blasting this to your entire email list also, and 100% of your donation will be used to help Nacho and his family. (READ MORE)


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