A letter from anonymous Border Patrol Agent

Trainees would often talk about the long work days they would put in with Ramos and Compean. Trainees would talk about sitting in a drainage ditch or a cotton field, in the rain, for hours, waiting for illegal aliens or narcotic smugglers to penetrate our borders. Trainees would talk about the respect they had for these Agents in the professionalism, knowledge, and experience both Ramos and Compean had for the job. I have also seen first hand the compassion both with Ramos and Compean. I have seen both agents offer their lunches to illegal aliens who were apprehended out in the desert and were hungry. Read more


Anonymous said…
Dear Republicans, Conservatives, Patriots and Activists,

I sure do see a lot of grassroots firepower on my email address book. I have turned on my grassroots turbo jets and I am focused on getting Randy Graf elected to Congress in Arizona #08 and I hope you join me. Randy Graf has truly earned our precious support and volunteer time. Graf HQ 520-887-2984. www.votegraf.com
Hey, are any of you sick seeing people on elephants and 6 piece mariachi bands being able to cross the US border while the Border Patrol does nothing? I sure am. Randy Graf will STOP illegal immigration and he is a rock solid conservative on both economic and social issues. His opponent, Gabrielle Giffords, is an open borders, United Nations -loving ultra-liberal with an "F" rating from the NRA. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!!
Here are ways to help:

1) Call Randy Graf HQ at 520-887-2984 and tell them you want to volunteer and give money
2) Travel to Tucson the week before Nov. 7th to get out the vote for Randy Graf.
3) Make GOTV phone calls to Arizona voters no matter where you live in the USA.
4) Send out Randy Graf info to your email address book. If you email list is not complaining, then you are not sending out enough emails.
5) Post Randy Graf contact info on conservative and immigration sites.
6) Call into radio stations and appeal for money and volunteers for Randy Graf.
7) Tell all your political friends to call 520-887-2984 and go to www.votegraf.com .

That's about it. Please note: mental telepathy does NOT work in getting Randy Graf elected. If we want Randy Graf to win, we have to knock on a door, make a phone call, send out an email or send in money.
So let's do it, have fun and send a MESSAGE that we want illegal immigration STOPPED and a MESSAGE that we want true, principled conservatives in Congress. Have a great day!


Robert Morrow 512-306-1510 Austin, TX - grassroots ninja warrior

Frosty Wooldridge says:


In Violation of Their Oath of Office
Our Country Coming Undone
Chilling Costs of Illegal Alien Migration



By Frosty Wooldridge
October 16, 2006
For years, Senators John McCain and John Kyl, Congressmen Kolbe and Flake failed Arizona voters. With illegal aliens flooding across Arizona’s borders by the hundreds of thousands, these men stood in the halls of Congress—pretending to serve their constituents—but did nothing. They’re still doing nothing.
Today, because of their inaction, Arizona citizens suffer 57,000 stolen cars in the Phoenix area annually. Illegals live 20 to a house with five cars parked in front yards. Drug routes mainline through Phoenix. Hospitals suffer tens of thousands of anchor babies underwritten by taxpayers. People-smuggling ‘safe houses’ dot middle-income neighborhoods! Schools tolerate illegal alien kids that can’t speak, write or read English. Every Arizona citizen annually pays $1,000.00 in extra taxes for illegal alien children while their own kids can’t receive a decent education. Violence escalates in “new” Mexican barrios that make parts of Phoenix look like Tijuana. Drug smugglers gunned down National Park Ranger Chris Eggle on the Arizona border. Thousands of tons of trash and human waste litter the once pristine Arizona desert. Arizona citizens suffer auto accidents by hundreds of drunk-driving illegal aliens on a weekly basis.
Last year, voters, led by Kathy McKee, took matters into their own hands by passing Proposition 200 to stop illegals from accessing Arizona’s public services.
This November, Americans from all walks of life feel utter exasperation that their elected officials refuse to carry out their sacred oath of office.
On November 7, 2006, nation-changing opportunities become available with the election of a true statesman running for Congress in Arizona: Randy Graf. Even more encouraging and mildly suprising, Senator John McCain endorses Graf’s run for the U.S. House of Representatives.
For red-blooded American citizens, Graf exceeds their highest expectations as a man of integrity. As an American, he understands the depth of the illegal immigration crisis. We met him on the border a year ago. He looked us in the eye, gave a firm handshake—and related his stance on immigration. If every candidate for Congress followed Randy Graf, our national nightmare would be over.
Graf joins Congressman Tom Tancredo in fighting the Mexican invasion. Graf will become the 102nd member of the Immigration Reform Caucus. While Americans lose their country, it's time they stop tolerating quislings, traitors and spineless sellouts that place “cheap labor” business interests and pandering to illegal aliens ahead of American citizens.
Graf stands for Arizona and America. Every American must donate time and resources to those individual candidates that demonstrate resolve and action against the illegal alien invasion. Americans must stop supporting political parties, organizations and candidates who offer only “lip service.” We can no longer afford excuses for serious social and economic issues that will have detrimental effects on current and future generations.
Graf established a visible record of boldly facing the critical issue of illegal immigration. In 2003, Randy became a senior advisor to the Protect Arizona Now Committee which introduced Proposition 200. Undeterred by critics, he traveled the state promoting the measure which cracked down on election and welfare fraud by illegal aliens. In 2004, Arizona voters approved the measure.
Randy relinquished his state position to run for Arizona's Eighth Congressional seat in 2004. Outspent nearly ten to one by a ten-term incumbent in the primary election, Randy garnered forty-three percent of the vote as he campaigned on pro-life and pro-family issues as well as illegal immigration and fiscal responsibility. Fresh from that success, Randy announce

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