The KFI John & Ken radio show in LA with Nacho

The OUTRAGE in the room was palpable!

Standing: Joe Loya, father in law to Border Patrol agent "Nacho" Ramos


I listen to KFI here in Nepal, and heard this show via podcast. I have been following the story on KFI, and while I rarely agree with the politics of the show, I do. But more important, and coming from someone who has lived in Asia for years enjoying a relative crime less environment, and understanding where this freedom comes from (a tough police force) my utmost sympathy goes out to the two officers now facing prison. I am assuming that Mr. Ramos is of Hispanic decent, so I can't help but think this is an American hate crime, but in reverse (usually people of color are accused of the crime, not preventing one). My heart goes out to your little boy, wife, and family. Best of luck to you,
Jigme Gaton
Bagdol Nepal

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