Letter to the Pope

Our Dear Holyness, Pope Benedict,

It is with great humility and open heart that I write to you. Although there are multitudes of problems in the world, with humility I ask that you pray for the freedom of our Border Patrol Agents who were locked up on false charges. I say this because I met and spoke to Nacho and his family. He gave me his word under the oath of God that he was innocent. He was trying to protect our country against drug dealers who would go against the laws and bring drugs into this country.I am greatly saddened by this. As a past teacher and knowing how drugs get disseminated to children many of whom overdose and die, I am against drugs coming into any country and being used against the word of our Lord in the Bible.

Please pray for the families of Ramos & Campion and put in a good word to President Bush for their pardon.

These are good Catholic Mexican American Families who need your help and have suffered too long.


Barbara Lang


Anonymous said…
When I spoke with Nacho Ramos for the first time ever last November, it was SO wonderful and touching to discover that Nacho is SUCH a NICE MAN! NOT at ALL the MONSTER the media portray him to be! He definitely does NOT deserve what our CORRUPT legal and judicial system dished out to him! And, likewise, NEITHER does Nacho's good friend Jose Compean! (and my DEEPEST thanks to Nacho's dear wife Monica for this unexpected and precious blessing!)

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