We won Nacho and Joe's their freedom! On behalf of the Ramos Family, this is Max Worthington the blogmaster saying Thank You Thank You Thank You. We did it!

Send me your stories and video clips of your celebrations and I'll post them here for the Nacho and Jose and their families to watch!


This a a huge victory for the Border Batrol and America!

Yours truly,


Christine said…
I went to high school with Nacho and I have been following this story with a very heavy heart. I can't tell you how pleased I am for Nacho and his family.

Today is a wonderful day not only for the Ramos family, but also the Compean family.

So many people have supported you and this cause. I, being one of them.

It will be good to have you home!
Anonymous said…
these agents just did there job of protecting us.too many drugs come over from mexico because most of mexicos law enforcement are on the drug dealers payroll.johhny sutton is probaly 1 of the worst goverment officials i ever heard of.shame on him.i never agree on bushs descion but i agreee with this 1 100 percent.mexico neeeds to take care of thier own country and stop bothering us about eevery decion we make about our great country.my spelling is bad.thank u mr loya
Anonymous said…
Even tho there is just my husband and I living uop here by ourselves on the side of the hill in the White Mountains of Az. we plan on having a Super Bowl type of celebration on March 20th for the release of Ramos ans Compeon. My Free Ramos and Compeon bumper sticker is showing a bit of wear but it made it thru till the end!!! I don't know when I'll take it off, probably won't!!! I guess Bush' conscious just couldn't take it anymore. Makes you wonder who was holding him down up there all this time. Even tho I voted for him twice, I was damn sure glad to see him and his jerk friends head out. Cheney in a wheelchair to boot!! Many of the Bush guys didn't come out so good on the health end of their terms did they? HMMM? Reaped what you sewed did ya?

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