Another blow to the Nacho Ramos Family

Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 7:35 AM

Another blow to the Nacho Ramos family happened the evening of 1/3/09.

Upon returning to the house with her 3 boys, her eldest son opened the front door. He was immediately hit with the smell a large amount of gas in the air, he yelled to his mom, she told him not to turn the light on. Monica safely removed her children from the area.

It is then she found her home had been broken into! Computer equipment destroyed, couches and chairs slashed, cherished wedding pictures, pictures of her life with Nacho and their children were ripped off the walls, shelves and slammed to the ground. DVDs & player taken, and the entire house ransacked! They even beat her dogs!

Thank God no one turned on a light! Monica and her three boys would be gone!!!

One has to ask, is this case related??? Is Monica getting to close to exposing the truth in this outrageous injustice to her husband and Jose Compean???

My God how much more must these families endure! These men should be home protecting their families, just as they tried to protect our Country!!!

Talk about CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT, Just how will Nacho even shut his eyes knowing someone attempted to blow up his family!

We must be relentless demanding The President commute the sentences of these men, return them to their families and their jobs.

Contact President Bush's Pardon Attorney:

Mr. Ronald L. Rodgers
Pardon Attorney
Office of the Pardon Attorney
1425 New York Avenue, N.W.
Suite 11000
Washington, DC 20530

tel.: (202) 616-6070
fax: (202) 616-6069

Whitehouse: 202-456-1111 / 1414



Anonymous said…
Early this morning on my computer, I came across this horror story. After recovering from the SHOCK and DISMAY of reading THIS, I CALLED the WHITE HOUSE, REPORTED the incident and the newslink for it, and INSISTED that BECAUSE of it, President Bush NEEDS to FREE Ramos and Compean NOW!!!
Anonymous said…
im betting this was deliberate and no so much a random act of robbery.

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