Large Cross appears in the sky!

Hey all,

This is Max Worthington the blogmaster.

Seconds after I had spoken to Joe Loya today about the good news of Nacho's commutation. I looked up into the sky and said "Thank You God" and there was the biggest cross I've ever seen.

It's approximately ten miles wide and twenty miles long, it appeared directly over Los Angeles Airport. This picture is looking from El Segundo CA, due north, with the Santa Monica Mountains in the background.

I captured it on my cell phone, the picture has not been altered in any way.



Anonymous said…

So very happy yesterday. I tried to look you up, but did not have your number on me. Big thanks for all of your work on behalf of the agents. Hope to talk at you sometime.

Don Silva
Anonymous said…
To GOd ALL glory BE!
For He has now SET FREE
Dear Nacho and Jose
From CRUEL captivity!
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that someone else saw this and captured it!!! Yesterday was an interesting anniversary for me... the anniversary of a diving accident that resulted in 20 mins of CPR, 7 hours in the hyperbaric chamber, a helicopter medi-vac and a couple days in the hospital. I was literally dead and given a second chance!! I live in Playa del Rey and this is the first thing that I saw as left my house yesterday! Pretty symbolic for me! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!! God Bless...
Anonymous said…
Neat timing, huh?

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