I don't mean just signing a petition, or sending a fax.

Last Wednesday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans
denied the request for a new hearing by Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean.

The same court upheld their convictions in July, and offered
no reason for the denial for a new hearing this past Wednesday,
but one thing is certain...

the only way Nacho and Jose will see their children
before they are grown, is if grassroots America gets

I don't mean just signing a petition, or sending a fax.

It's more than that. I need you to be passionately involved--
making the Ramos and Compean plight your own, and committing
to doing whatever it takes to return them
as free men to their families!

Max, in short, you and I are their last hope.

I'm thrilled that you answered my call and took fast action by
scheduling your personalized faxes to the White House and key
members of the House and Senate.

I want you to know that your faxes have already been sent!

But, as I said earlier, we need to remain passionate--EVERY DAY
for Ramos and Compean. With that in mind, I'm asking you to do
two things right now:

First, call the White House. Weigh-in on the Ramos and
Compean tragedy, and leave a message demanding the
President do the right thing by pardoning them before
he leaves office.

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance

+ + +
Our last chance effort to move the White House to free U.S.
Border Agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean is underway,
and I believe Americans are indeed getting passionate
about the plight of these two dedicated family men and
law officers.

Max, on behalf of the Ramos and Compean families,
thank you for taking a leadership role in our effort to
bring them home.

Now I need you to take their plight and what we are doing
to your friends and family members. Please copy and paste
the below message, and send it to 30-40 friends--urging
them to get passionate for Ramos and Compean!

Follow up the message with a phone call. Max, grassroots
Americans are Ramos and Compean’s last hope for freedom and
I'm counting on your help in the days ahead to rally more
support for them.

Again, forward the message below.

Here is the White House comment line: 202-456-1414.

Please also call your Representative,
and urge him to champion a move to free Ramos and Compean.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I'm depending on our
team to help Grassfire grow this final push to free Ramos and
Compean. It simply won’t happen without tens of thousands more
citizens getting involved. Please forward this message, and
urge them to get passionate by clicking on the link below and
signing our petition: http://www.grassfire.net/r.asp?u=11110&PID=18076253


Anonymous said…
My mother said that NO reason was given for the rejection of the agents' second appeal because NONE exist! She insists that there MUST be SOME type of CORRUPTION behind the sinister and ongoing plot to KEEP Ramos and Compean UNJUSTLY canned! I fear my mom is RIGHT!

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