From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance

This week, many of our nation's top conservative voices and
organizations are in our nation’s Capitol pressing their concerns
about illegal immigration, and demanding former U.S. Border
agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean are set free.

Following the crushing ruling from the Fifth Circuit earlier this
year, I believe right now is our best opportunity to free
Ramos and Compean...

But how you and I respond over the remainder of the President's
term in office may well determine if they are set free, or
continue to languish in solitary confinement.

Click here for more:

++ "Mr. President, Pardon the Agents!"

Plans to appeal their case to the U.S. Supreme Court are at
best a long shot. Even if the High Court does agree to hear
the case it could be months--perhaps years...

These men need to be returned to their wives and
children--while they are still children!

Between now and the end of the President's term, I want
to "full court press" him with tens of thousands of faxes,
phone calls and petitions like he's never seen--each
demanding he pardon Agents Ramos and Compean.

It's no secret that every President pardons political cronies and
others who run afoul of the law before leaving office. We just need
to impress upon him that Ramos and Compean must be atop his pardoning

Sadly, that's the only real, remaining hope for Ramos and Compean,
and I'm counting on our team to once again lead the charge and end
the long-suffering of Ramos, Compean and their young families.

Schedule your personalized faxes to the White House and other
key officials--including your two California Senators and
Representative by clicking here:

As always, if you prefer, please send the faxes on your own--
but do send them.

We have a short window to impress upon the President
the need to do the right thing regarding Ramos and Compean, and
we MUST make a profound and resonating statement.

Our FaxFire service is ideally set up for your convenience. But
even if you send faxes on your own you can easily access the
contact information and sample fax text by clicking here:

Again, this is probably our last, best opportunity to free Ramos
and Compean, and I NEED you to take action with me.

On behalf of the Ramos and Compean families, thanks for standing with


P.S: Please forward this message to 25-30 friends and family urging
them to join with you by clicking here:

P.P.S: Please continue writing to Nacho and Jose. Both are eager to
hear from members of our Grassfire family!

Ignacio Ramos #58079-180
FCI Phoenix
Federal Correctional Institution
37910 N. 45th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85086

Jose Compean #58080180
FCI Elkton
PO Box 10
Lisbon, OH 44432

Go to and post your comments so that the Grassfire
staff along with thousands of citizens can benefit from your
thoughts and opinions: Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)4 issues advocacy
organization dedicated to equipping our 1.5 million-strong
network of grassroots conservatives with the tools that
give you a real impact on the key issues of our day.
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Anonymous said…
When I first learned that Ramos and Compean had LOST their SECOND appeal, I got SICK ALL over again!!! President Bush, you NEED to LET these GOOD men GO!!! NOW!!! Or the GOOD Lord will HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE!!!
Baische said…
Please create an email version of this process. It will spread the word faster. I simply don't understand why you are only using fax technology.

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