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Steve Elliott, President, Alliance


Last Wednesday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New
Orleans denied the request for a new hearing by Nacho Ramos
and Jose Compean.

The same court upheld their convictions in July, and offered
no reason for the denial for a new hearing this past Wednesday,
but one thing is certain...

the only way Nacho and Jose will see their children
before they are grown, is if grassroots America
gets involved.

I don't mean just signing a petition, or sending a fax.
It's more than that. I need you to be passionately
involved--making the Ramos and Compean plight your
own, and committing to doing whatever it takes to
return them as free men to their families!

Max, in short, you and I are their last hope.

That's why I’m asking EVERY member of our team to take immediate
action with me by scheduling your personalized faxes to the
White House and key members of the House and Senate.

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Anonymous said…
NO reason was offered for the denial of the agents' SECOND appeal, and that is because there ISN'T one, PERIOD! This is just ANOTHER unjustified travesty inflicted on Ramos and Compean, their families, and the REST of us!

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