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'What we have said before is there is a process'

Border agent convictions upheld by court of appeals

What did government promise drug smuggler?

New ethics complaint targets Ramos-Compean prosecutor

'Ramos, Compean must ask for clemency'

Call renewed for pardons for border agents

Pardon me: Bush blasted for ignoring border agents

'Free agents by Christmas' plan gains momentum


Anonymous said…
When the latest appeal of Ramos and Compean began last December, there were reports that the Fifth Circuit Court justices to preside over the case were FAVORABLE toward the agents! However, the justices' ABJECT rejection of the agents' appeal last Monday roused suspicion that something SINISTER must have happened along the way!
Anonymous said…
I was SHOCKED when my patriot daughter, who protests for Ramos and Compean in her home town, told me that if the agents wanted a pardon, they would have to BEG for MERCY! She was quite upset by this and said she sure hopes that Ramos and Compean will NOT cave in because doing so would mean SELF-incrimination! "They did NOTHING wrong whatsoever," she said, "they are being PUNISHED for DOING their job!" I'm WITH my patriot daughter! Please, PLEASE, Ramos and Compean, do NOT back down! You are GOOD and HONORABLE men and were CRASSLY FRAMED for DOING your duty to SERVE and PROTECT us! We believe YOU, NOT your CORRUPT prosecutor US Attorney Johnny SATAN or his DISREPUTABLE associates!
Anonymous said…
Inundate the Republican Party's grassroots platform suggestion area at http://www.gopplatform2008.com/intro.aspx with demands that Ramos-Compean be set free. The GOP platform will be created in the last week of August; get your comments in before then.

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