San Diego Highway Dedicated to Ramos & Compean

San Diego Minutemen Freeway Sign near Border Patrol Checkpoint is Back Up!

24 Jul 08
28 days after a Federal Judge ruled that Caltrans did "irreparable harm" to the Constitutional rights of the San Diego Minutemen by unlawfully revoking our legal adopt-a-highway permit, thereby squelching our free speech, Caltrans finally put our sign back up today that they had ripped out of the ground literally in the middle of the night on Jan. 28th.
We are all thrilled to see our adopt-a-highway recognition sign back up standing more proudly than ever. The U.S. Constitution has thankfully trumped the lies and coercion of the illegal alien activists and the corrupt California Mexican Caucus, especially Assemblymember Lori Saldana who joined forces with Enrique Morones late last year to wage a destruction crusade against the fine, multi-ethnic Patriots of the San Diego Minutemen. Her malicious lies have been exposed for the judge and the world to see!
Judge Hayes also saw clear evidence that even the Mexican Government, via their Consulate in San Diego and agents like Morones who works for the Mexican Govt., put pressure on Caltrans to violate their own rules and the American Constitution, which District Director Pedro Delgado and Director Will Kempton then caved in to (see attachment).
We've all won a huge battle against the open border reconquistas and their agents in elected office, but the war is not over. Caltrans has still not given us our second AAH site on southbound I-5 that they unlawfully denied to us on May 15th. They are obviously still trying to please Saldana, Gil Cedillo and their ilk rather than follow their own written regulations and the LAW! We will be asking them one more time, nicely to give us that site or we will haul them back into Federal Court where will again hold them accountable for their deeds.
Also, the entire program is still suspended for new applicants while they continue to attempt to rewrite their regulations to exclude pro-law enforcement and border security groups from participating. That will never pass Constitution muster either. They are just wasting time and millions of precious taxpayer dollars. This long suspension is also leaving many California highways uncleaned or having to hire work crews to clean them. Gov. Schwarzenegger needs to get control of our state now, before the pro-alien liberals and special interest groups in Sacramento destroy it completely.
Thank you to Americans nationwide who helped us win this critical legal fight for our rights and to have our message heard by all America!
We dedicate this adopted freeway site to Border Patrol Agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean who are still fighting for their rights and freedoms that were stripped from them by corrupt Federal Government forces in the George W. Bush Administration.
Now lets all work to get these American heroes out of prison!! The time is now to release these political prisoners!

The San Diego Minutemen sign stands proudly next to Camp Pendleton (home of the 1st Marine
Division - the command I last served with before I retired in 2003) and right before the U.S. Border Patrol Station at San Onofre! There is no better spot in all of San Diego County for the dedicated Patriots of SDMM to be recognized!

Jeff Schwilk
Founder, San Diego Minutemen


Anonymous said…
we will NEVER be able to REPAY Ramos and Compean for what they DID for us! God BLESS them!
Kevin said…
It seems to me that there are 2 fundamental points where the Court has erred in this appeal.
1. The main charge of discharging a firearm during a crime of violence, the issue here is that Police Officers are required to carry firearms, and where they commit a crime of violence or drugs there is immediately a minimum 5 year sentence. As far as I am aware there is no precedent for this being applied, therefore the precedent is by default is that it is not used with law officers. Why change that now. In effect every instance of an over zealous arrest or a police officer caught with possession of drugs should have had this charge against them but it has never been used in those circumstances.
2. The credibility of the witness, even if one accepts that his 5th amendment rights trump Ramos and Compean's 6th amendment rights, the witness has now pleaded guilty to subsequent offences of drug trafficking, and the Appeals Court knew that during its deliberations. Given this information, it is reasonable therefore that Davilla perjured himself by suggesting he did not know how the drugs trafficking world worked, and if the jury had known that, it would have undermined his credibility. This alone should cause a re-trial. There is no difference between this and a murder witness found to be perjuring, where the lie resulted in a death sentence.
There are dangerous precedents in this case, mandatory prosecution of 924(c)(1)(A) for Police Officers where appropriate, and the acceptance of proven perjury by the appeals court.
What next for Ramos and Compean, obviously try and have the appeal heard by the whole Appeals Court, secondly launch a civil suit against Davilla for damages for the harm caused by his perjury, effectively doing the DA’s work for them after all he now has no 5th amendment rights for the second drug smuggling incident.
chardonnay said…
It's just wrong headed to have an "illegal drug smuggler" testify against a Federal agent aka legal citizen hired to catch "illegal drug smugglers". Sheesh.

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