The appeal was denied today :(

LinkClick here to go to the Fifth Circuit Court
Today at 10:00 am the 5th Circuit Court appeal was denied the agents must serve the mandatory 10 year sentence on the bogus charge.

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Click below to download the ruling:
06-51489USA vs. Ramospub


This is a disgusting travesty of justice.
Anonymous said…
With such INTELLECTUALLY and MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE court decisions like THIS one, the Fifth Circuit Court's HEARTLESS, SENSELESS rejection of this latest appeal of Ramos and Compean, is it ANY wonder that NO sane and decent American TRUSTS our government?!
Anonymous said…
DID ANY of the Fifth Circuit Court justices involved in the latest Ramos-Compean appeal actually READ the TRIAL transcripts?! Their NEGATIVE verdict yesterday INSURING CONTINUED UNJUST incarceration for the persecuted patriots gives DUE CAUSE for CONCERN!
james said…
this is TOTALLY INSANE. its been almost a week and im still having a hard time understanding how these three judges can bash the attorney office in oral arguments and then 7.5 months later side with the US Attorney and government.
AM i the only one smelling a damn conspiracy here? am i the only one who thinks there was pressure coming from SOMEONE in DC not to change the verdict.
I noticed on one page of the opinion that the judges mentioned the INTENT of what congress wrote into law. yet this same thinking was not considered in the 924C charge? INSANE!
chardonnay said…
All I can say is, if Bush does not pardon these two men, then I shall lose every ounce of respect for him. And I have been his biggest supporter.
Anonymous said…
The dismissal of the OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE charge indicates that Ramos and Compean were NOT lying about the incident. Because of this, the OTHER two charges, ASSAULT with a DEADLY weapon, and DISCHARGING of a FIREARM during commission of a FELONY are EQUALLY bogus! Ramos and Compean committed NO crime; they were using their firearms in DOING their JOB to PROTECT us! Despite the court's cruel and irrational support of the two latter charges, the FACT of the matter is that Ramos and Compean TOLD the TRUTH ALL ALONG!

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