The American People Deserve An Investigation of U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton

Dave Gibson
Though he is sworn to protect the American people, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton has been operating more as an agent for George Bush and the corrupt Mexican government, than as an advocate for the American people. Since taking office, Sutton has been persecuting American law enforcement officers when they dare to defend our border or block the path of drug smugglers. It could be easily argued that Sutton´s actions through his position as a U.S. Attorney, are contributing to the growing violence being perpetrated by drug gangs on both sides of the border. Read More


Anonymous said…
Sutton NEEDS to be investigated the constantly emerging new evidence of wrongdoing on HIS part against our brave lawmen PROVES it!
roxanne said…
May Johnny Sutton and those clowns rot in HELL for all the anguish he has caused those families
roxanne said…
May Johnny Sutton and those clowns that work for him Rot in HELL

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