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Man who was shot by Border Patrol agents pleads guilty to drug smuggling

An undocumented immigrant in the center of the case of a pair of imprisoned former U.S. Border Patrol agents pleaded guilty to drug smuggling on Thursday at U.S. District court in El Paso. Read more

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How hypocritical, this idiot gets arrested and pleads guilty to the crime these Border officers nailed him for, and yet they still have to stay in jail? People seem to forget that when you commit a crime, you lose your rights period! Yes Compean and Ramos made a mistake by not following proper procedure's, but that should only have gotten them a slap on the hand, not an extended sentence! And we wonder why we have a shortage of soldiers and officers in our border patrol; NOBODY WANTS TO ENLIST BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF BEING SACRIFICED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT!!!! This just prove's that idiots crime so the agents should have their sentences reduced and/or removed!!
Luis Sanchez

20 hrs ago
I think it's stupid those two agents are in prison, its a disgrace, the US attorney is a moron, release those agents, they were protecting us from drug dealers, what nerve you have to compare them to that drug dealer, you jerk!
19 hrs ago
its about damn time this **** goes to jail.
and the prison time had best be more than what the agents got considering he was arrested and arraigned on FOUR counts of smuggling and attempt to distribute.

I see from the article that mr. sutton still apparently thinks the trial against the agents was proper and no evidence was left out.. boy is he full of cow manure, and ick! does it freaking STINK
El Paso Resident
17 hrs ago
Everyone keep an informal record of who supported this scum bll doper. Treason comes in more than one form.
Compean and Ramos need our help!
16 hrs ago
If I recall correctly, Ramos heard shots fired and thought he saw Aldrete turn to fire on him with a gun. Doesn't the fact that Aldrete has been convicted of smuggling create a strong possibility that he did in fact have a gun and that is why Ramos shot him. Reasonable doubt for Ramos and Compean, anyone?
16 hrs ago
I say hang him, why do we have to continue supporting these animals in prison.LET THE BP AGENTS GO.
15 hrs ago
Hmmm ...

Let me get this right:

1. Ramos and Compean a) didn't report shooting at a fleeing Mexican, and b) picked up shell casings.
2. Davila was, at the time of the shooting, smuggling 700 lb. of marijuana into the US, a drug that destroys our children.
3. Davila continued to smuggle drugs WHILE he was used as a patsy of the DA.
4. Ramos and Compean rot in jail.

I am ashamed of our country, this administration, and a judicial system that would do this to two law enforcement officers.
Gary Coonrod
Sutton is a real piece of work. He should have been tarred and feathered and FIRED a long time ago. There has been a plea deal worked out for Aldrete and he will receive less time than someone for writing a bad check. This is a PR smoke screen.
Hail Dale
14 hrs ago
DA Sutton should be a co-conspirator in this drug charge. It was his staff that gave Davila a get across the border pass to continue Davila's continued drug smuggling efforts.

I am surprised that DA Sutton actually prosecuted with no interference from the Mexico Consulate. Maybe this is just one situation to seemingly look like they are tough.

I continue to see Help Wanted ads for US Border Patrol. With such people like DA Sutton and Davila that an agent must contend with, why would anyone want that risk of going to jail.

Maybe we should just put a Dairy Queen on the border and give our new guest a Dilly Bar as a treat.

We let our leaders pull the wool over our eyes and say little to defend our borders or our sovernity.
14 hrs ago
What a farce! Free the border agents!

13 hrs ago
Put him in a cell with Ramos and Compean
13 hrs ago
If Osvaldo Aldrete Davila would have never been smuggling drugs the 2 former agents would have never shot him and they would be enjoying their careers. Just another case of 2 people being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
12 hrs ago
Sutton is a typical goverment hack. His time will come. God bless agents Ramos and Compean.
Phil Agoura Hills CA
12 hrs ago
Hopefully this will be correctly handled by the Appellate Court and Sutton will, in the end, be disbarred like Nifong.
12 hrs ago
I think the authors of this article should take a few english writing classes.

“Help Cure C.R.I.D.s! ”

El Paso
ISP Location: Plano, TX
12 hrs ago
I would be willing to bet this **** gets a shorter sentence than our BP agents and will be back out smuggling again before the agents get their first parole hearing.
Also, this whole incident sounds like a great argument in favor of the fence. Had their been a sturdy fence there would have been no smuggling, no one would have gotten shot, and no one would be in jail for this incident.
Build the fence now!
12 hrs ago
Sutton is a jackass. This pompous and arrogant jerk just wants to appear tough by standing on his idiotic prosecution of these two AMERCIANS protecting the AMERICAN border. This is a prime example of why people need ot prepare for the upcoming revolution when clods like Sutton will be held to answer to the PEOPLE he is trying to scam.
The only punishment the border patrol agents should have been given should have been an assignment to the firing range until their hands blistered or they could hit what they were shooting at! If they had eliminated this scum they would probably not have given him the chance to get across the river and to get rid of the gun.
Juanny Sutton probably was getting a cut of the drug money. This whole thing smells like a BIG load of barn yard commodity!
America First
12 hrs ago
First of all, this is an ILLIGAL MEXICAN, not an "undocumented worker." Secondly, just hang the cucarocha and then bomb the F$&#()K OUT OF MEXICO!
11 hrs ago
U S Attorney Sutton should be put under the jail.
Why did it take so long to prosecute an illegal drug smuggler???


Anonymous said…
SUTTON is the liar, NOT Ramos and Compean! I can't quite explain it, but SOMEHOW I STRONGLY sense that the agents were TELLING the TRUTH ALL ALONG!

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