"How do you admit the illegals?"

Monica & Nacho's youngest son, has been hospitalized. Currently tests are being run so there has not been an absolute diagnosis, however hospital professionals are suspecting meningitis.

The hospital almost denied J's admittance since Monica does not have health insurance (a status of many Americans today). Monica of course is fierce! And she asked the hospital "How do you admit the illegals?" After some debate, the hospital did admit J, but demanded a $1000 deposit. Funds the Ramos family simply does NOT have at this time.

If you could ask your lists/listeners to send donations to the family, this would be useful for them in their time of need. Their address is Ramos Family, P.O. Box 972925, El Paso, TX 79997. Also PRAYERS!! And finally please ask all to call the White House (yet again) to DEMAND the release of Ramos & Compean!!! (Still no word from the appellate court, but of course the drug smuggler admitted in court last week to being a drug smuggler!!)

White House comment line: 202-456-1111
White House email: comments@whitehouse.gov

I love the Ramos family. J has definitely been the most affected child during this whole horrible ordeal with Nacho. How much more does this poor family need to go through? Is this how we pay back a hero who served and protected our country? Shame on this Bush administration!!!!!

Thank you everyone! Please use discretion when forwarding information. And I appreciate each of you!!


Anonymous said…
...the SAME tragedy occurs DAILY in PARKLAND Hospital here in Dallas, TX...some time ago, my LEGAL resident friend, waiting to get her monthly prescriptions, was BYPASSED in FAVOR of SEVERAL folks who had NO proper documentation...it made her SO indignant...and NOBODY with ANY sense could BLAME her!
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Loya, PLEASE reassure your daughter Monica that she is NOT to blame for being incensed at the hospital for DENYING MUCH-needed care to her son Jacob because she had NO insurance...while the ILLEGALS get a FREE ride...Monica had EVERY right to FUSS at the hospital...she and her son Jacob are AMERICAN citizens, yet were treated like OUTCASTS in their OWN country!

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