While protesting the INJUSTICE done to RAMOS AND COMPEAN, Goldengate Minutemen and Patriot friends are accosted and "Old Glory" attacked by a drunk GANG MEMBER exposing his own ignorance and hateful bigotry.


USAdave said…
Thanks for hosting our video. We are still active for Ramos & Compean! God bless you all!
Anonymous said…
Last Saturday, while publicly protesting for Ramos and Compean on a downtown Dallas, TX, intersection adjoining a city bus transfer center, I beheld a BIG automobile FULL of Mexicans coming MY way. As they passed, they SCREAMED BIGTIME at ME for UPHOLDING Ramos and Compean! MY, what NASTY things they shouted at me! Later when I told this to my mother, she got VERY frightened and implored me to PLEASE BE CAREFUL, dear--YOU'RE the ONLY daughter your dad and I GOT! GOD forbid if ANYTHING HAPPENS to you! I reassured my mom that I ALWAYS try to take as MUCH care as possible. She replied she would be praying EXTRA hard for MY safety!

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