Mexicans threaten DEATH to Ramos and Compean Supporter



Anonymous said…
this wonderful American patriot is MY daughter...she has done GREAT work publicly protesting for Ramos and Compean in Dallas, TX, over the past eight months...she keeps me POSTED REGULARLY on the number of responses in FAVOR of Ramos and Compean...last night, she told me that the LATEST figure stands at only a MOTHER can, I told her that was FANTASTIC, and to KEEP it UP UNTIL they are FREE...she said by ALL means, Mom, I WILL...then she told me she is HOPING and PRAYING for them to be FREED by APRIL 29, 2008, the day she TURNS 53...she says that is ALL she REALLY wants for her birthday...for these good men to be FREE again...and the meantime, I pray EVERY day that God keeps my precious patriot girl SAFE from ALL harm so she can CONTINUE her MISSION of MERCY for our UNJUSTLY persecuted fellow patriots...GLORY to GOD for BLESSING me...with such a FINE child...a REAL lady...a GOOD Christian...and a GREAT American patriot! God BLESS and KEEP HER, too!

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