Nacho turns 39 Febuary 5th 2008

Send a card to:
37910 N. 45TH AVE. PHOENIX, AZ 85086


Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Loya and family--MORE good news! Yesterday, after over SIX months of public protest here in Dallas, TX, the number of responses FOR Nacho and Jose PASSED 500!
Anonymous said…
Recently my mother told me that she and her youngest sister had CRIED on the phone for Nacho and Jose. Mom recounted that my aunt said President Bush SHOULD have PARDONED those two PERSECUTED patriots. Mom replied that she was DISGUSTED with Bush for STONEWALLING Nacho and Jose last Christmas. Then Mom informed my aunt that I had been PUBLICLY protesting for Nacho and Jose for OVER six months in Dallas, TX, and had so far received MORE than 450 FAVORABLE responses for these two GOOD men. Then my aunt told my mom she is VERY proud to have a NIECE who is a REAL patriot. Mom responded that SHE is JUST as proud that this SAME patriot is HER daughter! Mom then told me she and my aunt WANT me to KEEP it UP for Nacho and Jose until they are FINALLY FREED! Believe me, I WILL!
Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Loya and family--as of TODAY, after SEVEN months of public protest for Nacho and Jose here in Dallas, TX, the number of responses IN FAVOR of these two good men PASSED 550! BEST of all, the affirmatives KEEP right on COMING!
Anonymous said…
Thinking of you and your family often Nacho,,,,hang in there,,,

Kendra (Krista's sister)

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