I ask that you join me this holiday in giving thanks for the brave men and women of the Border Patrol that courageously guard our borders while fully knowing that political imprisonment is still a reality in this country should they find themselves in a life-or-death situation that opens the door to their cage. And, come Monday, please pick up the phone once AGAIN, call your legislators, and request that they get loud and vocal with the turkey on Pennsylvania Avenue when demanding the full pardon of OUR EAGLES, Border Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos. I can feel the momentum building so don’t give up now. And, maybe someday, if we maintain our resolve as patriots in the visions of our founding fathers, we will truly see that crimson light of a fresh RISING SUN on America, the re-birth of the America that Franklin and Sandburg were so privileged to have observed.


Anonymous said…
God bless you Dan Howard,we have to keep the pressure on now.
I feel this is a part of my own family in prison, what would we do if this was a member of our family, we would be doing everything possible day and night to free them. Call Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck and thank them for sticking with the Agents, if we had a tenth of the people that stopped their amnesty, I feel they would be out now.
We can't let these good men sit in prison, what a insult to our best Agents, these were the only Agents to act and go after the drug runner,
5 other Agents sat on the other side of the Levi and let Ramos and Compean do the rough work and then they get sent to prison.
I am so proud of these men,they didn't take Sutton's plea bargain,as this would say we are guilty and they were guilty of nothing but doing their job and protecting the Border from drugrunners and Illegals.
They were pawn's in the way of the NAU's open borders.
Let's put the pressure on everyone before the hearing.

Jim Dumond
Rocky Comfort,Mo.
Anonymous said…
I agree that Ramos and Compean do NOT deserve to be incarcerated. So for the past FOUR months, I have been PUBLICLY protesting for their release from their UNJUST prison sentences. Among those whom I update on my protests is Mr. Dan Howard of Outraged Patriots. Like Mr. Joe Loya, Mr. Howard always appreciates and encourages my efforts for Ramos and Compean. And like MILLIONS of our DEEPLY caring FELLOW Americans, the ONLY thing I want is for Ramos and Compean to be FREE again--FOREVER! God bless those GOOD men and GREAT American patriots for THEIR noble SACRIFICE for US, their FELLOW citizens!

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