Please send Nacho a letter asks Joe!

Nacho only received one letter on Thursday and he's starting to think people are giving up on him. Joe requests we write Nacho a letter. Joe says all he has in the cell are the letters to keep his spirits up. I imagine if I was in a 9'x12' cold dark environment 23 hours a day and my mind goes blank. It's to horrible to think about. Please get a pen right now and a pad and write him a letter. The joy you bring to him will be returned to you by God 10x over I promise. How do I know, well lets just say I've seen a few miracle's lately. The mailing address is at the top of the page, or click the icon and send mail to him online. Thanks.


Anonymous said…
Don't worry, Mr. Loya and family. I am making copies of the prison address and giving it out at church, during my protests, and elsewhere. I just e-mailed it to my mom, and I think she may drop Nacho a line.
Anonymous said…
DON'T worry, Mr. Loya and family! In just the past FEW days, a NEW letter-writing campaign on behalf of Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean has been launched! On seeing this message for the first time last Monday, I knew I HAD to act! Later on Monday, I phoned M.B. Craig "Kingfish" (the same guy who drove across the nation last spring with a truck carrying banners saying, "Free Ramos and Compean," and "Free Gilmer Hernandez"), and informed him of this. "Kingfish" was very concerned, and promised to spread the word among his friends in the Border Patrol and elsewhere in his California community and urge the start of a letter-writing campaign on the blogs he is associated with. On Wednesday morning, I left a message on the phone of David Hernandez, currently running for mayor of Los Angeles, California, and one of your good friends. On Wednesday evening, we talked on the phone and Hernandez assured me that he would contact his good friend Ted Hayes and start the ball rolling on this worthy project. Today, Hernandez made a PUBLIC announcement of this campaign and sent out an e-mail about it! I have been making copies of the prison addresses of these two good men and giving them out at church, during my protests, and elsewhere. Let's hope, work, and PRAY that the good Lord will enable this letter-writing campaign to SPREAD like WILDFIRE and that Nacho and Jose will be DELUGED with LETTERS from TRUE and CARING American patriots and fellow world citizens EVERYWHERE!
Anonymous said…
MORE hope yet, Mr. Loya and family! Last Friday during an evening phone conference with US Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA), I gave him the prison addresses. Hunter was deeply moved and promised to post them on his presidential campaign website. He explained that Nacho and Jose BADLY need letters because they are in SOLITARY confinement 23 HOURS a DAY, SEVEN days a WEEK with NO TV, radio, or computer and a 15minute phone call only ONCE a month! He DENOUNCED the Ramos-Compean trial as a GROSS travesty of justice and said that these two good men were actually being PERSECUTED for being TRUE American patriots! Then Mr. Hunter said that "Joe Loya, he is a REALLY fine guy!" And from his deep concern for you good people and your unjustly incarcerated loved ones, it is obvious that Mr. Hunter is a great gentleman, too!
Anonymous said…
Dear friends,
When I heard that these fine gentlemen were not allowed to have any books in the cell with them, and that they had to fight for a Bible; I decided to write letters and within the letters, I am writing a book. I've chosen a book and each time I write, I type another few pages. So by the time I'm done, it will be a complete book contained in all the letters.
I haven't heard anything back, so I'm hoping its okay and the book is being enjoyed.
I chose The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. Its a great, descriptional book - I thought it might take one's mind off of things by reading it and maybe being able to escape elsewhere...
Thank God that there is so much support for these families. We must always keep in mind that this kind of horror could happen to anyone of us as well. It seems that our current Administration does not want us to do the jobs we have been hired to do. And if we do, or if we become outspoken and complain - then we are demonized.
Its not fair - but I truly believe that in the end, God has the final word! And He is a just God - His will shall always be done.
I hope these fine American citizens will be home with their loved ones for Christmas. Please Father in heaven,hear the prayers of so many of your children. Grant them freedom and a complete restoration of their lives.
God bless you all,
Anonymous said…
President Bush NEEDS to LISTEN to the voice of God speaking through his GOVERNMENTAL colleages such as California Senator Diane Feinstein, Texas Senator John Cornyn, and others who joined with deeply concerned Americans in a dignified, sensible, and fervent plea for mercy for these two unfairly persecuted patriots! Surely the freeing of Ramos and Compean from unjust incarceration would give glory to God, honor to our leaders, and evoke gratitude from our people!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Mr. Loya and family! Two MORE Christian organizations took Nacho's and Jose's prison addresses. They are BOND (Brotherhood of a New Destiny), an African-American Christian ministry in Los Angeles, CA, led by the Reverend Jesse L. Peterson. BOND expressed DEEP sympathy for Nacho and Jose and said they would notify their congregation to write them. Family Research Council, based in Washington, DC, also took Nacho's and Jose's prison addresses, expressed deep sympathy for them and also promised to send them letters. God is REALLY moving! ALL praise be to Him!
Anonymous said…
Around 10pm last night my time, my cellphone rang. It was my MOM! She wanted to know how my meeting with Rep. Duncan Hunter at the Texas straw poll in Ft. Worth, TX, had gone the previous weekend. Blessedly, I was able to report to my mom that Rep. Hunter turned out to be a REAL Christian and a TRUE American patriot! He had taken Nacho's and Jose's prison addresses from me during a phone conference the week before, and EVER SINCE had been SPREADING the word about the letter-writing campaign for them! And was he EVER surprised and delighted to find that the fellow American who had given him those prison addresses and was now talking with him was ME! Rep. Hunter recalled the Congressional Pardon Act for Nacho and Jose that he and his concerned fellow Reps had initiated earlier in the year and that now OVER 100 Reps had signed it! He also reiterated that if elected President, he would PARDON Nacho and Jose and enable them to GO HOME to their families and friends. I listened SPELLBOUND by EVERYTHING he said! HERE is a REAL Christian American LEADER and PATRIOT, I exclaimed. Then, Rep. Hunter complimented me for being compassionate and concerned for Nacho and Jose, but I reminded him of HIS generosity in helping them by assisting with publicizing the letter-writing campaign and that we their fellow patriots are ALL in this TOGETHER for them! My mom was SO pleased that God had given me the golden opportunity to meet Rep. Hunter. She praised his interest in and sympathy for Nacho and Jose. Then she asked me if I STILL had their prison addresses! Yes, I replied, wondering why she had asked. My mom answered that she had been shopping around for and finally found some REALLY nice postcards for Nacho and Jose, but somehow she had LOST their prison addresses. I reassured her that I did INDEED have their prison addresses, and hastened RIGHT away to get them. My mom took their prison addresses, and gratefully responded that NOW she would be able to send Nacho and Jose EACH a pretty postcard! God BLESS you, Mom! And God LOVE Nacho, Jose, and YOU their families and friends!

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