Orange County Register -- Santa Ana, Calif.
Democrat calls for agents' commutation
A Democratic subcommittee chairman Tuesday added his voice to the calls of Republican lawmakers that President Bush commute the sentences of two former border patrol agents convicted for shooting a fleeing drug dealer at the Mexican border. -- Rep. Bill Delahunt, D-Mass., held a hearing before his subcommittee on international organizations...
Mexico's role in border agents case still in question
A House panel Tuesday tried to determine whether the Mexican government had played any role in the politically explosive prosecution to two U.S. Border Patrol agents but was not able to reach any conclusions due to the absence of Justice Department and Homeland Security officials from the hearing.

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Over the years, I've noticed a schism develop between many law enforcement people and ordinary "civilians" – you know, the poor schlemiels who pay their taxes, empower the high mighty and employ the cops.

This division takes many shapes and forms, but nowhere is it more obvious than on the issue of firearms.

Many police officers have come to believe guns are only safe in their hands – that they cannot be entrusted into the custody of untrained, unqualified citizens.

Obviously, this is a non-starter from a constitutional, freedom-oriented perspective. But there's a practical new reason for cops to begin rethinking where this anti-gun hysteria is leading our country. Read more


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