Midland (Texas) Reporter-Telegram
Cornyn, Sutton hash out Border Patrol sentences
U. S. Sen. John Cornyn Thursday called the imprisonment of two border patrolmen for shooting a drug dealer "a miscarriage of justice" and called on President Bush to commute their sentences. -- In an interview from San Antonio, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton [clown at left] said he never considered politics while prosecutors...


Dana on Glen Beck hard evidence

Legal Brief Says Border Agents Were Charged With 'Non-Existent Crime'

By Matt Purple
( - Two Border Patrol agents whose prosecution and sentences to lengthy prison terms triggered a political storm this year may have been charged with a "non-existent crime," according to a legal brief submitted to a federal appeals court in May, and obtained by Cybercast News Service. Read more


House votes for plan to free Ramos, Compean Breaking News

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Documented proof the smuggler was given all access pass to the USA during the trail and fingered for bringing in another load of drugs in the same time period. And Johnny Sutton hid the information and kept using the smuggler against the agents in court and ultimately convicting them of a bogus charge, and now they are serving a 10 year mandatory bid.


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