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Bill O'Reilly
Link to audio with Chertoff

Audio report on the attack

Dem shocked by lack of liberal support for Ramos and Compean

Associated Press the anti American news organization.


Ramos/Compean case becoming another Watergate?

Smuggler's 2nd delivery
of marijuana confirmed

Border agents' trial transcript shows
judge ordered information withheld


Temecula Californian

Bush fiddles; agents beaten

Houston Chronicle
Ex-Border Patrol agents' backers study transcripts

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Hearings about agents' case could go before House

Following the Amnesty Trail

The word amnesty possesses remarkable power on the Mexican side of the line. It has the same effect as a starter's pistol. Read more....

Congressman: Probe Mexico's role in prosecutions

Documents show pressure on U.S. from south in cases of sheriff, border agents


This weeks rally schedule click to view

Huntington Beach, CA

El Paso, Texas


Mexico demanded U.S.
prosecute sheriff, agents
Documents show role of consulate in cases
of Gilmer Hernandez and Ramos-Compean


Continental Army
Biker attacked with bottle for wearing AGENT T-SHIRT

Fox News

Gilchrist to probe jailing of border agents

American Federation of Government Employees
AFGE asks Bush to pardon Border Patrol agents

Discrepancies in case against Border Patrol unresolved
Homeland Security report doesn't answer critical questions

Compean reports reading half of Bible already
Former Border Patrol agent confirms being in protective custody

Snow seeks 'cooler heads' in border guards dispute
Presidential spokesman says Ramos, Compean transcripts ready soon


Cox News Service

Border Patrol case has become cause célèbre


How cozy was Border Patrol with smuggler?

Corruption cover-up charged in case of jailed agents

A Clash of Demonstrations
Two sides of the immigration issue show up in Hollywood.


Border Patrol agents fired
for changing testimonies
2 officers face dismissal, 1 resigns – all 3
given immunity in Compean-Ramos case


Tancredo visits ex-Border agent beaten in prison

Congressman said he offered encouragement, campaigned to get Ramos change of cells


Drug smuggler left cell phone in van

But Ramos-Compean prosecutor claimed no evidence against him

Cybercast News Service

Senate takes up border agent case

The U.S. Senate is set to launch an investigation into why an imprisoned former Border Patrol agent who should have had special protection was assaulted by four other inmates. -- The investigation will also look at the entire controversial case of two border agents who were convicted and jailed after shooting a suspected drug smuggler from Mexico...

Austin American-Statesman

Tancredo meets with jailed former Border Patrol agent

Debera Kanof, Jose Luis Gonzalas, Christopher Sanchez

Border-agent investigator
had connection to smuggler
Name blacked out (Christopher Sanchez) in report,
despite major role in case

WND has obtained a copy of the government-issued border pass given to Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, the drug smuggler granted immunity to testify against Ramos and Compean. The border pass allowed multiple entries to the U.S. and carried the signature and badge number of Sanchez.

Definition: carte blanche
Unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion; unconditional authority: gave the DRUG SMUGGLER cart blanche to cross into America through immigration and customs points of entry.

Rumor has it the Government has setteled with the drug smuggler for $2,000.000.00

This Saturday February 10, 2007 * 12:00 noon
In front of Senator Harry Reid's Las Vegas Office
Lloyd D. George Building * 333 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas Nevada

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Anonymous said…
I think this is one big travistry to the u.s. justice dept, what a JOKE we put our border patrol in jail and let the dealer go. LAUGH-ABLE, WERE IT NOT SO SERIOUS. FREE THESE MEN AND SEND THEM TO THERE FAMILIES.

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