Poems by loved ones

By nephew Joseph Barron.

It was a sad day on the day that he left
His three young sons who will never forget
The day their dad went down in the books
With all these horrible and ignorant crooks
So here I am confused and afraid
At how inaccurate this decision was made
For one more week or even a year
Our president’s pardon we have yet to hear

So here comes mom ready to fight
Heading to Washington with one thing in sight
To free her husband and get things right
Overwhelmed and a bit in shock
She Hits the capital ready to talk
Congressional men stand and applaud
This courageous woman who cries in sod

A few hours later she sits in disbelief
As she waits for the president to make his brief
Although she dislikes his presentation
She leaves the capital with a sense of realization
The trip is now over and now we wait
For the that one final decision to arbitrate

By Uncle George

Justice was served on the border one day
Just to see an agent sent away.

Shoot or don’t Shoot, First Line of Defense!
Protecting our borders is very Intense.

This Country’s border he swore to protect
Just to see our Gov’t turn it’s back in neglect.

In Federal Prison They say he belongs
All along knowing how much he was wronged.

He did his job as he was trained to do
Now he’s serving ten for me and you.

A family was broken a family is strife
Leaving behind three boys and a wife.

He became a Hero on that fateful day
Protecting our Freedom, day after day

For his Freedom and ours we must put up a fight
Reaching deep down inside we must show it with might.

Always remember and never forget
My nephew’s a HERO on that you can bet.


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