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We need Nacho back on the job, this is a nightly occurance. Border Patrol was called and got no backup.

Duncan Hunter as President will pardon the agents!

US Attorney Sutton should be brought up on charges as an acomplice in the attempted murder of agent Ramos.


Anonymous said…
I agree that US Attorney Johnny Sutton SHOULD be brought up on charges of accessory to the ATTEMPTED MURDER of Ignacio Ramos, especially since evidence that he COVERED UP the dastardly illegal alien drug smuggler's SECOND attempt to sneak illegal drugs into OUR country. BAD enough to be a LIAR and TRAITOR; WORSE to be involved in a probable attempted murder!
Anonymous said…
Of course, Aldrete-Davila is a liar! He's an ILLEGAL alien DRUG smuggler! With a criminal occupation like that, it is only NATURAL for him to lie!

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