Inland Valley Daily Bulletin -- Ontario, Calif.
Man agents shot ran drugs into U.S. after he was given immunity

Dear Chaplin Steve Lee

My name is Barbara Lang and I am the friend of Port Authority Officer, Sgt. Bob Schmidt who now works with the dogs...but at the time of 911 he was the only one to survive his entire group who were lost. He was lucky to have been at home during the time. He has helped you give out the bibles at Ground Zero. Infact, I am the daughter of NYPD officer ret. and I recieved one of the bibles.
The parents of the Agent were here this past weekend and explained that first of all we all understand they were sentenced unjustly for shooting an illegal invader drug dealer who was trying to enter the USA to bring drugs here. They received 11 years of jail when the drug dealer went free on a presidential pardoning...We are asking the President for a pardon...none has come thru yet and this is causing me to really loose heart in the government. The most important part, the officer was beaten almost to death in the cell by 5 thugs and probably drug dealers themselves. He received no medical attention for a long time. But the worst of it all, he has asked for a bible to keep his faith and it has been denied to him.
Since you were the one to deliver us bibles at gz and you are also consultant to PD's...this is a border patrol PO/agent...Can you help him in any way especially to get him a bible as the prison seems to be denying him this?


Bench conference transcript analysis

Exclusive video of Coyotes with rifles

Congressman: Bush 'doesn't give a damn'

Republican blames White House for failed appeal by Ramos, Compean


Washington Times

Judge denies freedom plea by jailed ex-agents

Cop called 'double agent' in Ramos-Compean case

Border Patrol officer accused of helping drug smuggler who was boyhood friend

Border agents' case inspires song
California musician records 'Ramos and Compean'

Ramos, Compean release on bond nixed on appeal
Agent's wife: 'We had been so hopeful that Nacho would be home soon'


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Another cop charged
after Mexico demand
Texas sheriff claims no plans to prosecute until intervention


Judicial Watch seeks Ramos-Compean records

Files FOIA request to probe deal U.S. government gave to drug smuggler


Feinstein still probing Ramos-Compean case
Leahy confirms he gave senator authority for hearings when she chooses


Title: To vacate further proceedings in the prosecution of certain named persons.
Sponsor: Rep Hunter, Duncan [CA-52] (introduced 1/18/2007) Cosponsors (87)
Related Bills: H.CON.RES.37
Latest Major Action: 1/18/2007 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Homeland Security, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.


Michael Britton SONG
New Song I Wrote "Ramos And Compean" All proceeds will go to their families Tell Me What You Think, Thanks!

Another John Sutton Victim

American Freedom Riders -- Phoenix

A pattern of malicious prosecution by U.S. Att'y Sutton

Dobbs on supressed evidence that will exhonerate agents eventually and ruin all the prosecutors careers.


Smuggler's 2nd drug case confirmed by accomplice

Judge's gag order in border agents' case prevented jury from learning of situation


Senate hearings on Ramos-Compean postponed

Democrats who want 'extreme' sentences probed blame 'scheduling difficulties'


Attorney & KFI radio host Bill Handel thinks this is a mistrial

Click here to listen

Transcript analysis click here


Ramos attorney
calls for mistrial
Claims key document withheld
from border agents' defense


El Paso Times

1 quits, 2 other border agents fight for jobs


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