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Bush allegedly eyes pardon for Border Patrolmen
President Bush on Thursday said a pardon was possible for two Border Patrol agents serving prison sentences for shooting a Mexican drug dealer as he fled and then covering up the crime. -- "There's a process for pardons," Bush said, adding the case has to work its way through the system. In an interview with KFOX-TV in El Paso...
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Mexican in Border Patrol case may still face drug charges
The Mexican suspected drug smuggler granted immunity in the controversial - and politically explosive - prosecution of two U.S. Border Patrol agents is not entirely off the hook. -- U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, the man at the center of the row over the prosecution and jailing of the two agents...


So glad I checked your site. You were wise to use the word alleged.

The KFOX TV report about pardons by President Bush is simply wrong.


I've compiled the details of how this myth was started by KFOX TV's interviewer, Alison Burns and how Fox News and AP continued the myth in headlines and reports.


Listen to President Bush's exact words from the KFOX TV video of Alison Burns interview of President Bush

I've provided an unofficial transcript of the pertinent brief exchange.

Alison Burns reporting

Bush tells me he is carefully considering the case and a pardon is still a possibility but he seems skeptical of letting the two border agents off the hook.

Bush: just want people to take a sober look at the reality.

Burns: President Bush tells me he realizes it's an emotional issue but he's relying on facts what do you think about their situation and how do you decide to grant a pardon?

Bush: there are standards that need to be met in law enforcement and according to a jury of their peers, these officers violated some standards, on this case people need to take a hard look at the facts, the evidence the jury looked at as well as the judge. I will do the same thing. Border patrol or law enforcement has no stronger supporter than me.


The bottom line here is people need to do more than take a sober look at the reality, they need to act to support the two unjustly convicted border agents.

The interview exchange does not appear to show President Bush stating in any way he is at this time considering a possibility of pardoning the two border agents.

In fact, carefully reviewing the video, it seems more likely that Bush may want to provide the case for vindication of how the Justice Department prosecuted the two border agents!

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