Border Patrolmen now considering other employment.

Sunday Jan, 7th 2007 The word from the Minutemen on the border is many agents are talking about quitting the Border Patrol if Nacho and Jose are sent to prison.


Anonymous said…
It's sad to see how our country is fastly going to Hell in a Handbasket! If I were a Border Patrol Agent I think I would find other employment ASAP! These guys and gals are exposed to the lowest forms of life in their employment, such as felons, low-lifer's, drug runners, illegals, etc. Thank all of you Agents for your trying to protect our borders, as the government certainly has no intention of doing anything about it. What a farce, bring in the National Guard and they can't even fire a shot or arrest an ILLEGAL, this is a total joke. Bring on the Minutemen!!!!!! We need to declare "Open Season" on those coming across our borders whether to run drugs, act as coyotes, or just coming here to work or steal.
Anonymous said…
If we don't defend the men and women who defend us we don't deserve to be defended. I do hope they preserve their dignity and find other jobs.
Anonymous said…
This is truely a said day in history. The hole Bush has dug just got deeper. God help us all.

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