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Prosecutor had evidence against drug smuggler!

Prosecutor accused of hiding smuggler's 2nd drug bust

Suspect in case against border guards given free pass on charges

Lou Dobbs Video

Border Patrol Agents Persecuted, message: Welcome Terrorists

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  • Sen. Tommy Kilby
  • Kilby Suggests Pardons For Border Patrol Agents
    posted January 31, 2007
    Sen. Tommy Kilby (official website) has introduced a resolution calling on President Bush to pardon two Border Patrol Agents who pursued and shot a Mexican drug smuggler. Read more

    Homeland Security memos contradict U.S. attorney

    Also reveal smuggler formed 'hunting party' targeting Ramos, Compean
    Bill Conroy -- Online Journal
    Sutton's media pitch on BP agents' conviction may be a spitball

    Following are comments taken from Sutton’s press releases over the past 11 months concerning the case of Ramos and Compean set against the allegations and evidence that have surfaced so far in House of Death mass murder in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. After you are done reading this comparison of diverging realities, ask yourself why Sutton, or someone within DOJ, has not pursued a prosecution in the House of Death case, to at least allow a jury to assess the evidence of guilt or innocence


    IMAGE: Johhny Sutton: House of Death

    September 12, 2005

    Freedom of information act records link U.S. Officials to Mass Murder in Mexico

    Newly Released Documents Trace “House of Death” Cover-Up to Upper Levels of the Justice Department

    By Bill Conroy: Click here


    Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
    Memo casts doubt on agency's assertions
    The Department of Homeland Security's assertions that two El Paso Border Patrol agents knowingly shot an unarmed suspect appear to be countered by the department's own documents, the Daily Bulletin has learned. -- Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, told the Daily Bulletin on Wednesday...

    Feds knew smuggler in Border Patrol case
    Critic charges prosecutor lied, made 'deal with the devil'
    Uproar over border agents to get White House review!
    Tony Snow to meet with congressman, promises look at Ramos-Compean trial
    San Bernardino County Sun
    Border agents in the clear?
    The Department of Homeland Security's assertions that two El Paso Border Patrol agents knowingly shot an unarmed suspect appear to be countered by the department's own documents, The Sun's sister newspaper, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin of Ontario, has learned.
    El Paso times
    Ex-agents' pleas to press yielded many supporters
    Lawyers routinely advise their clients not to talk to the press, lest they say something that could be used against them. -- The lawyers for two former El Paso Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean did just that. But their clients, who were convicted of violating the civil rights of a drug smuggler they shot...
    Rep. Duncan Hunter
    Duncan Hunter
    Duncan Hunter: Amnesty for Border Patrol Agents
    U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who may seek the GOP nomination for president in 2008, has called for a congressional pardon of two U.S. Border Patrol agents convicted of federal offenses in the shooting of a Mexican drug smuggler. -- The two agents, convicted and sentenced on several charges...


    Ex-Border Patrol Agent Gets A 2001 Guilty Verdict Overturned

    David Sipe is a once convicted criminal who can honestly say he “didn’t do it.”

    “Relief. Relief. After 7 years, it’s gone. It’s over.”

    The ex-border patrol agent gets a 2001 guilty verdict overturned in his retrial for civil rights violations against a smuggler. The incident dates back to April of 2000 in Penitas.

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