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Please help Border Patrol Agent Ramos this Christmas with a present, to help provide a nice holiday. Nacho has a wife and three children and they have nothing left the after the legal expenses. The Congressional Hearings that were promised were dropped and there is virtually no hope left accept for a miracle. Nacho has 6 weeks of freedom left before he has to turn himself for a ten year mandatory prison sentence. So I encourage you to give a gift for Christmas as an appreciation for Ignacios years of military and border patrol service to America. And, If you forward this email out I'm 100% sure the American people will respond with kindness and love.
Merry Christmas Nacho and may God Bless you and your family!

NOTE: Friends of The Border Patrol is not taking donations for agent Ramos anymore. Any donations for Ramos should be mailed to the PO box on this website. For further information, donors should contact me. Joe Loya


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