January 17th, 11 year sentence to begin?

The promised Congressional hearings were dropped, for reasons unknown. There is virtually no hope left.


Anonymous said…
Is there any way I can help......this is an absolute travesty..
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to send this little note to try to offer whatever words I can which will comfort this family right now...my heart is with you...as I went to sleep last night I wondered how or if you were able to make the 'best' of your potentially last day together...I called Debra Kanof and told her voice mail what a despicable human being she is and that I'm ashamed to share the same gender with her...I called the White house 3 times and told them we would not forget this betrayal...I called the department of so-called justice and demanded to know how this makes our streets safer... I've saved some pennies to send to the families. I've prayed. I've emailed. I've faxed. I haven't given up hope and neither should you or your familes. It's not over. At least one ordinary citizen and everyone she knows is looped in and we're not going to stop until this has been cleared--completely. Godspeed.
Desertdog said…
Keep the faith,it is not over yet.We pray for you and family everyday.The truth will prevail.God will take care of the bad in the end ,and the drug runner will go down .So just be strong ,
Anonymous said…
I am not a US citizen,I am Italian living in the USA,iam shocked to see what's happening to these agents.They were protecting your country,risking their lives to make USA safer and that is how a "great" Country reward them?I am sure all drug dealers are laughing about it,thinking how great is America....really a "great Country".

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